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Bet Your Beans

​A P2P On-Chain betting dApp that allows you to bet on ANYTHING you like against WHOEVER you like! Create a bet, share a QR code, define the terms, & lock in your deal! A smart contract is made to hold the money agreed upon until the terms of the bet are confirmed & the money paid back out to the winner minus a nominal fee.



Middleman as a service

​Open our dApp, connect your wallet & open a bet!

If you need a friend to moderate your bet & make sure all parties are honest, have a third wallet connect and decide who wins! Moderators will get a part of the fee for moderating

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$BYB Features


All BYB holders can STAKE BYB to earn passive income from all trading + betting fees. 

Passive Income

Rewards are in BNB upon launch, but will later include options to receive rewards in BUSD, etc.


FOUNDER NFTs earn from all trading + betting fees and get the initial 2% of the supply at launch.

Investory Security

Every bet creates a custom smart chain contract that sends the prize pot off to the smart chain.



help fund the project without giving excessive tokens that can be dumped at launch by private investors. These tokens can be locked in an NFT and used for passive income via staking.

The value of the NFTs will scale with the marketcap.




Meet The Team

Matthew Campbell


Matthew Campbell is a former project manager of GrimaceCoin, & experienced Film Industry Pro who has worked on movies such as The Revenant, Warcraft, Star Trek: Beyond & Godzilla. With years of management under his belt, he aims to push the space towards a place of honesty and transparency while building unique utilities that will push the blockchain space forward.

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Sam Braun

Head of R&D

With considerable experience in management and supervisory roles, along with board governance, web application development, cybersecurity auditing, and strategic market research Sam's excitement and passion for the growth of Bet Your Beans is immeasurable. Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, if he isn't out fishing, skiing, or playing rugby, you'll likely find him at the local pub betting against the Dodgers.

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Dan Valez


Dan Valez is an 8 year Crypto Veteran, Head of Sales/ DevOps Advisor for, as well as Contributor/Writer for Crypto Magazine. He has consulted on many deployments & has influenced many technical aspects of various successful projects and is looking forward to bringing his years of knowledge to the BYB team.

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Carmen Crypto


Web3 and Blockchain Advocate, Educator, and Speaker. Secretary of the Nevada Chapter of the Government Blockchain Association, Brand Ambassador to Military.Finance, and Communication officer of The Neuro Collective Project.

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Latest News

The Latest

  • NEW TEAM PARTNER: Dan as our Chief Technology Officer

  • NFTs are now providing the cashflow required to build V1 of the DApp.

  • V1 is now simplified, Crypto API will be pushed to later verson

  • Custom Group Bets is a high priority, and being pulled to V2 for faster interaction with the community over sporting bets, crypto bets, etc.



& Tax Breakdown

Bet Your Beans transactional fees will be set at a very low and incredibly competitive rate and will be collected upon two users' acceptance of a bet. The application will also provide the user's statistics, awards, scoring, avatars, and leaderboards to add to the gamified experience of the social betting platform. The users will be able to engage with each other, find communities of similar bettors, and experience betting in a social environment, something which is sorely missed in the current entertainment industry. Bet Your Beans is the only social betting app powered by cryptocurrency.



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Bet Your Beans

Bet Your Beans is a social experience app where you can bet on ANYTHING you like against friends or even strangers! Open a bet, share the QR code, define the terms, and lock the bet in! We take and hold the money agreed upon for a nominal fee until the terms of the bet are confirmed and the money paid back out to the winner.

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